We believe that poetry should be accessible to everyone. Before people could read, there was a strong tradition of oral poetry and the human memory was required to store a lot more information – including poems – on a day to day basis. As we have evolved, we’ve continued to create increasingly advanced forms of technology to record our past and present.

Poetry existed long before all that, and will continue to exist in the form of books, websites, notes on scraps of paper and remembered rhymes for centuries to come. A background in poetry can entertain, resolve and express, and at Discovering Poetry, we want to support people who enjoy poetry and want to teach it or learn about it in whatever form.

Our aim is to develop a wide range of activities, exercises and poetry for all tastes and ages. It’s a great introduction to language for young children, and a love of poetry from a young age is useful for exams and self-expression later on in life.

We love hearing tips, ideas and poems from all ages, and we don’t discriminate. If you’d like to send us your poems, we’d love to display them.

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